• 15 August 2015Weather: FairTemperature: 32°Rainfall: 42mm
  • 15 August 2015GREEN SPEEDPalm 1:   8.0ftPalm 10:   n/a
  • 15 August 2015GREEN SPEEDBunga Raya 1:   9.8ftBunga Raya 10:   9.6ft

Photo posted on: 30th Aug, 2015

SGCC wishes all Malaysians a Happy 58th Merdeka day. We are indebt to all those that had sacrifice their lives for the love of the country and for us to enjoy what we have today. We love you Malaysia!

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Photo posted on: 29th Aug, 2015

Saujana Golf & Country Club shared TheClubHouseMY's photo.

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